We hope you enjoy the following science slides that correspond with Cycle 2’s Science memory work.

Remember the main goals are for the students to become familiar with the vocabulary, while memorizing core scientific information. This will help them gain the confidence to embrace more complex studies in science, because they are familiar with the vocabulary and some basic information. Each slide contains an internet link that will enable the tutor, parent, or older Foundations student to “dig a little deeper”. We hope you find these links helpful!

You may periodically be prompted with a warning before opening a file, to make sure you know the source of the file or link. This is a security feature your computer may have in place. This is a precaution and can be ignored in relation to the links included within this presentation.

We have done our best to use internet sites that do not contain a lot of free ad ware and that are family and student friendly. As the parent, you have the ultimate responsibility to ensure your computer has proper protection from internet “trash”.

A little science estranges a
man from God. A lot of
science brings him back.

Francis Bacon

credited with the development of
the scientific method