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Sports Scholarships

Posted by Shawn Stewart
Shawn Stewart
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on Monday, 23 September 2013
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We helped some friends of ours find a private college for their son a couple of years ago. I helped negotiate a deal with the Vice President of Enrollment. The school agreed to accommodate the amount the parents were able to spend. All that was left to do was get the two parties together.

Shortly after, I was surprised to learn from the family what a huge factor a one thousand dollar soccer scholarship had been in putting ink to paper. We knew in advance what the college’s published costs were. We knew how much would be discounted from that price to make it possible for their son to go there. Neither of those factors changed, but the college became a lot more appealing to the family when one thousand (roughly one-tenth) of the discount was labeled soccer scholarship.

I am not saying that athletic scholarships are never legitimate. However, there are certainly times when they seem a little like a trade-in allowance to me. When I am buying a car, what really matters is how much money comes out of my bank account to get me behind the wheel. The ancillaries, such as how much was specifically offered as the trade-in value of my fifteen-year-old Honda, are not so important.

What about College?

Posted by Robert
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on Monday, 05 August 2013
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“A thorough knowledge of the Bible

is worth more than a college education.”

Theodore Roosevelt,

26th President of the United States


Are you worried about college? Most homeschool families do. I am sure you have concerns about properly equipping your students for college admissions, checking off the “right” credits, and preparing them for the all-important standardized tests. Then, once students are admitted, new worries about the rising costs of higher education begin. Whether you are teaching a rising high school senior or a first grade student, it is important to consider the right goals of a Christian education. Do we believe Matthew 6:33, that all things will be added to us if we seek first the kingdom of God, or do we lean on our own understanding?

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