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Portable Walls

Posted by Kim Walsh
Kim Walsh
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on Thursday, 24 March 2011
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We are all busy homeschool moms and dads. Trying to juggle life with school, music, sports, dinner and, not to mention, house cleaning can really take a toll. How do we do it all? Some of us excel at multitasking; while others struggle to make it through the day and at 5pm just begin to think about dinner. I don’t know about you, but I was barely getting it all done and not very well at that -especially with writing. Writing was driving me to insanity.

Thanks to Classical Conversations’ Essentials Writing Program, there were no more tears on my son’s part or mine. My sanity returned! We understood dress-ups, and sentence openers. Key word outlining helped us stay on track. In fact, the writing program in Challenge A led me to become a Foundations director. My son had such a noticeable improvement in his attitude and writing skills, that he volunteered to write a skit for his Lego League team and did an excellent job.  

Yes, I am promoting the Essentials Writing program that we use in Classical Conversations, and even more so I want to promote, with great enthusiasm, the new Portable Wall resource sold through the Classical Conversations bookstore (http://www.classicalconversationsbooks.com).
Gone are the days of the thumbtacked sheets of paper above the computer. No more do we need to fight over who gets to use the computer or that space to write their papers.
The portable wall is just that, portable:
•    Dress –Ups
•    Sentence Openers
•    Decorations
•    Triple Extensions
•    Notes for outlines
•    Story Sequence Model
•    Summarizing References
•    Writing from Pictures
Conveniently displayed!

Of course, my favorite is the thorough list of “ly” words and synonyms for “said” on a two-page spread. All of this and so much more are at your fingertips. It is a necessity for students in Essentials, but remember that students will be writing all the way through college. Both my Challenge IV son and Challenge I daughter WILL be getting one for next year.

I am the Virginia Book Representative for Classical Conversations and I can tell you that the product has been extremely popular. Some parents bought a Portable Wall at their first practicum only to come back for more at later events. This nice, tri-fold card, stock product is well worth the small investment.

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