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Jessica Borges Contact Jessica Borges

When Jessica discovered Classical Conversations she was thrilled to find a community that affirms and equips parents as their child’s first and best teacher.  Through partnering with Classical Conversations, Jessica and her husband, Josh, have gained the tools and confidence to provide a home-centered, Classical, Christian education for their children.  They are experiencing the blessings of teaching their children in the Classical method, and redeeming their own education in the process.       


Jessica desires to see more families experience the blessings of partnering with Classical Conversations as they train up their children for the glory of God.  She is passionate about helping parents gain the tools and resources they need to home educate with excellence from birth through High School.  Jessica is excited to support Classical Conversations communities, and to share Classical Conversations with families throughout Northern Idaho.

Kathi Vetter Contact Kathi Vetter

Kathi and her husband Tim had been homeschooling for several years with great passion yet without the support and resources needed to teach their children through high school.  Believing strongly that a parent is their child's best teacher, Kathi knew there must be something out there to help equip parents for this calling. Through Classical Conversations, Kathi and Tim have discovered how to give their children a customized, classical, home-centered, K-12th education.  Kathi wants to help parents understand that homeschooling is not only a viable option for one’s family but a transformation journey that will have lasting impact on future generations.

Kathi will be hosting informational meetings in the area and would love to connect with you to answer questions and address curiosities you have about homeschooling options in Eastern Idaho, Western Wyoming, and Utah.  Understanding that homeschooling may not be for everyone, she truly believes that anyone who is up for the adventure really can do it.  Kathi wants to help encourage and equip parents to take ownership of their family’s education.



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Information Meetings
Designed to share more about our programs and communities, these two hour, year-round events are hosted by a licensed Classical Conversations director.

Open Houses
Between the months of October and April, visit one of our communities and see our programs and communities in action!

Classical Christian Community Highlight

Meet one of our Challenge I Communities...

David Bailey meets weekly with a group of students to discuss, analyze, learn and write about: literature, science, algebra, policy debate, history of American government, economics, Latin, philosophy, and more...
Students enjoy the community dynamic, and parents enjoy the support!

Equipping Events

3-Day and 1-day Parent Practicums are designed to equip parents for educational excellence
by using the
model within
a biblical

Student Practicums
One or two-day events held through the year, covering topics like language, SAT prep, writing, and more.

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