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2012 Practicum Season!


Meeting the Challenge: There should be no realm of human endeavor from which you feel yourself excluded.








Our Meeting the Challenge Parent Practicums are open to ALL parents!


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What is a Practicum? A Classical Conversations Parent Practicum is a three-day event at which parents are trained and equipped in the art of homeschooling. Each year, our parent practicums teach the art of homeschooling through a concentrated look at one subject of learning. This year's subject is Latin!


What happens at a Practicum? In the morning speaker sessions, parents will learn about the classical model and the skills learned in a classical education.  This year, parents will also learn basic principles and vocabulary of Latin.  They will practice their newfound skills by working together in small groups on translation exercise.  After a lunch break, parents will return to the afternoon session.  Many locations will focus on homeschooling through high school in the afternoons while others will hone their skills in different areas.  In addition, parents have the opportunity to meet and fellowship with other parents on the same journey. It is a wonderful opportunity to meet parents further along on their journey, who might offer wisdom and advice to the beginner. It is also an opportunity for experienced parents to meet parents newer to the journey and offer them wisdom and advice. An experienced and trained homeschool parent, usually from the Classical Conversations community in your state, leads the three-day practicum to aid and encourage parents as well.


What happens with my children? For a small fee, parents may enroll their children in nursery and academic camps.  The following camps are available at all locations Nursery (0-2 years), Play Camp (3-5 years), and Geography/Drawing (6-8 years).  We also offer academic camps for students 9-14.  The topics for these vary by location but include Latin, writing, public speaking, trig trainer and logic. The calendar will provide the camps available at your location.  The fees are around $30—much less than hiring child care for the three days yourself!


Why Classical Conversations? The parent practicum is the best place to learn the answer to this question! Classical Conversations is about three keywords—classical, Christian community.  The best place to be introduced to these vibrant learning communities is right there at the practicum! By way of a preview, we would say the answer is because of the rigorous academics, the training and support that is provided to parents, and the community of friends for both you and your children.


Where is the Practicum? Everywhere! We offer parent practicums all over the country! Check out our event calendar to find one in your area!


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