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Leigh Bortins announces next book

Press Release


Classical Conversations, Inc. announces CEO and Author Leigh A. Bortins will be taking your questions.

Leigh Bortins will answer questions on the Dialectic stage of learning. The Dialectic, the second stage of learning in the classical education’s 3-stage Trivium, will be the focus of her next book.



 West End, NC, December 28th, 2010:  Leigh Bortins, CEO and Author of “The Core: Teaching Your Child the Foundations of Classical Education” will be taking questions on the Dialectic stage of Learning and answering some of those questions on her blog: http://1smartmama.blogspot.com/ in 2011.  These questions and answers may even be featured in her next book.  Please email your questions to ASKLEIGH@Ymail.com and check out 1smartmama daily.

In tribute to dialectic learning, Leigh has decided to launch this conversation with families:

“I’m about to begin my next book on the dialectic and need your help. Please send any questions you have on the dialectic as comments on this blog (http://1smartmama.blogspot.com/) or to ASKLEIGH@Ymail.com.  I will respond to your questions in the book so think of great questions that will make sure the book is as useful to as many families as possible. The book will be a follow-up to The Core’s emphasis on grammar. If all goes well, the final book in the series will expound upon the rhetorical skills in a classical education. So please pray for wisdom in writing, patience in editing, and for God to receive the glory.”

In her first book, The Core, Bortins focused on the grammar stage of the Trivium.  This stage is for young children and addresses facts such as who, what, where, and when.  Her next book will address the dialectic stage.  The Dialectic stage of learning style is often called the Logic stage and is typically fostered in the middle school and high school years.  Children start to develop reasoning skills and to enjoy discussion and debating.  The logic or dialectic stage addresses the questions “Why?” and “How?”


Classical Conversation, Inc addresses the Dialectic stage of learning in their Essentials, Challenge A and B programs.  You can learn more about these programs at www.classicalconversations.com.  Click on “Academic Program” link.  Classical Conversations has close to 500 programs and 26,000 students across the United States.

Contact: Robert Bortins            

Telephone:  864-506-5277

Email:  robertb@classicalconversations.com



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