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Dana Wilson Contact Dana Wilson



Dana Wilson and her husband Dan are the homeschooling parents of five children who range in age from 3 to 21. Dana's homeschool journey began in 1997, when neither the public nor private schools could serve the unique needs of their oldest daughter, who has cerebral palsy and is hearing impaired. Declaring, "Well, I passed first grade on the first try; maybe I can do this homeschool thing," she struck out on an unfamiliar path with the determined goal of educating her daughter and re-educating herself.  Realizing that the first order of business what not the "what" of education, but the "why".


In the fall of 2009, the Wilson family joined a local community of Christian, classical homeschool families and began to realize that they had walked right in to God's answer to their prayers. Classical Conversations provided the exact balance of support, encouragement and accountability, providing the Wilsons, for the first time in 12 years of classical home education, to have a school year that ended with just as much excellence and enthusiasm as it was begun.


For years, the Wilsons had worked out the particulars of home-based, Christian, classical education for their children. To find that someone had been gifted by God to construct a program that respected the developmental stages of childhood and young adulthood and employed what Dorothy Sayers termed "the lost tools of learning," while holding unswervingly to an orthodox Biblical worldview and leaving parental sovereignty intact, seemed nothing short of miraculous. Dana’s vision is to provide Oklahoma families an excellent answer not just to the "why" and "what" of homeschooling, but the all-important "how.”

Lindsay Elliott Contact Lindsay Elliott


As a 2nd generation home-schooler, Lindsay Elliott and her husband Paul knew they wanted more for their children then what modern education could provide. A passion for learning, an instilling of a Biblical worldview, and a partnership with other families who had similar desires, was what first attracted Lindsay to Classical Conversations. After only one morning of a community observation, Lindsay saw that Classical Conversations was just what she was looking for in assisting in the education of her children! Lindsay & Paul have completed their first year with Classical Conversations and it has been the best year of home education they have had together. Their children are thriving in their community with an excitement for the things taught, a love for new friends, and deep respect for their tutors.

 It is Lindsay’s desire to help families learn the classical model of education so that they can lay a foundation, not only for academics, but for life itself. By equipping families in classical education, they are able to set the stage, not only for present joy of learning & accomplishment, but to see this generation of students become world-changers. It is through this approach that parents are able to deepen their relationship with the Creator and for students to be provided with the tools to articulate truth to the world around them. If you also desire to raise sons and daughters that want to know God and make Him know, please visit one of our many informational meetings in the greater Tulsa or our area practicum.

Marcie Robbins Contact Marcie Robbins



As a former high school math teacher, Marcie Robbins is passionate about education.  She loves promoting the classical model because it empowers students to learn all subjects, pursue academic excellence, and most importantly, defend their faith.  She believes that attaining knowledge, understanding, and wisdom is vitally important to developing lifelong learners.  Since 2009, Marcie and her husband Jeff have fervently promoted biblical principles regarding sound financial management.  They wholeheartedly believe that Classical Conversations offers an outstanding educational model that is both affordable and attainable for any family.


Marcie has a vision for more parents to realize their qualifications and capabilities as home educators.  She wants to equip parents with the tools for learning by hosting information meetings and parent practicums in northeastern Oklahoma.  She also plans to continue to inspire and qualify parents by directing high school students within the local area because she firmly believes that God is glorified when students debate, discuss, and dissect the world He created.  Residing in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, Marcie Robbins has been home educating her four children with her husband Jeff since 2010.


Mindy Janssen Contact Mindy Janssen



The passion to equip parents and children with the skills of learning in order to unveil and declare many of the glories of God and His world has led Mindy Janssen to join Classical Conversations as a support manager.  Mindy believes Classical Conversations' subjects of study and academic goals of invention, disposition, elocution, memorization and pronunciation will reward diligent students with the knowledge and understanding of what is true,beautiful and good.  Mindy is thankful for her supportive husband Ben and her three energetic children Caleb, Heather, and Quentin. The academic, social,and spiritual blessings Mindy and her family have received from Classical Conversations delights and motivates Mindy to share this opportunity with others.


Mindy believes an excellent education is not just the concern of every parent but of neighborhoods, cities, and countries.  Imagining a society whose individuals were equipped with the skills to decipher truth, revel in beauty, and persuade others to pursue goodness creates a desire in her to work with Classical Conversations to see this ideal become a reality in Oklahoma City and surrounding communities.  Mindy believes Classical Conversations' execution of an educational method proven in history to produce some of the greatest writers and thinkers, its commitment to self-educating parents and trained tutors, and its passion to know God and make him known, will provide a pathway for students and parents to restore what has been lost and achieve what is truly noble and great.


NeAnne Clinton Contact NeAnne Clinton



The Clinton family has been part of a CC community since 2008.  Before that time, they knew nothing about classical education. From the moment they heard the Classical Conversation’s overview CD, Dave and NeAnne were convinced this was the curriculum they had been searching for and their children could flourish in.  NeAnne is extremely grateful that her friend brought CC to the Enid community and so pleased to be apart of this special community.
NeAnne’s passion to share the Classical Conversations model with others who may not know anything about the Christian classical model of home educating has continued to grow.  She is also passionate about encouraging and equipping families to homeschool through high school.  She intends to continue to reach out to families throughout Western Oklahoma with this mission, so that others can achieve this unparalleled education and also be challenged to raise children who know God spiritually and intellectually. NeAnne’s hopes to launch Classical Conversation’s communities into new areas, while supporting the existing communities and helping families grow and be strengthened in their homeschool journey.

Valerie Rose Contact Valerie Rose



Valerie Rose, along with her husband of 25 years, Paul, attended a Classical Conversations’ information meeting in 2009.  At that time, they had sixteen years of experience homeschooling their six children with their two oldest already in college. Valerie, not really looking for a new way to homeschool, attended an Information Meeting at the request of a friend.  During the meeting, however, her skepticism immediately gave way to enthusiasm as she fell in love with the CC mission to know God and make Him known, the CC model of combining a biblical worldview and classical tools of learning, and most importantly, the CC method of equipping parents and encouraging students.
“I realized my homeschool needed a makeover.  I desired to share the same passion for learning with my youngest children as I had with my oldest. CC brings together so many aspects I desired to achieve through our homeschooling, but was struggling to pull it all together.”  Valerie appreciates the accountability, community, and academic excellence that CC provides.

Valerie views her new Support Manager role as a natural place to serve based on her 19 years of homeschooling experience. Valerie believes her role as a CC Support Manager is a perfect place to use her desires to equip and encourage parents to develop a family vision and raise godly children, who know God and make Him known.  She also desires to serve as an ambassador in her community, building bridges within the homeschool community at large, as well as outside the homeschool community.

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