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A Classical Conversation

Join the conversation! An eclectic group of folks have joined in to carry out the classical conversation; some of these folks may share or represent views we don't hold. We need them to be dialectic and have a classical conversation, and they need us too! So thanks for being patient with us and our fellow participants.

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CC News

CC News: This is the place to find regular updates on the happenings in Classical Conversations! Here we announce conferences, training opportunities, college opportunities, book sales, and more!

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  • A Quick Look Back at 2011

    Posted by Robert in Articles
    We would like to wish a Merry Christmas to all homeschoolers and to those who take part in Classical Conversations communities across the world. This past year has flown by, and we have been very blessed by our Lord and Savior to have been able to help so many of you. This year, we attended over 250 events in over forty states. The number of Classi ...
    Dec 27 Tags: News Updates, News Updates
  • Royal Caribbean Bahamas Cruise

    Posted by Robert in Articles
    Royal Caribbean Bahamas Cruise Denton / Classical Conversations Group Come join Classical Conversations' families and friends on the high seas! Please check out the information below and call to make a reservation. There are still many available cabins. A Royal Caribbean International cruise vacation offers something for everyone: a ...
    Sep 13 Tags: News Updates
  • Dolphin Tale (2011)

    Posted by Robert in Articles
    Dolphin Tale (2011) This past spring we had the privilege to partner with Grace Hill Media and The Homeschool Movie Club on their new movie Dolphin Tale.  We were really excited to partner with them, but cautious as we needed to make sure it was a movie that we could get behind.  They were kind enough to send us a script to review. ...
    Sep 09 Tags: Movies, News Updates
  • Bryan College Note to Challenge III Parents

    Posted by Robert in Articles
    Dear Challenge III Parents, I hope you have heard by now that Classical Conversations has partnered with Bryan College to begin offering dual enrollment credit to students in the Challenge program.  Students seeking dual enrollment credit will be registered directly with Bryan and will compete additional assignments beyond those in the Classic ...
    Aug 19 Tags: News Updates
  • Classical Conversations Bryan College

    Posted by Robert in Articles
    Sign up for CC+/Bryan College Dual Enrollment here. Announcing an Exciting Homeschool through High School program with Bryan College and Classical Conversations. UPDATED NOVEMBER 2, 2011 Semester 2 Course Syllabus now available. UDPATED AUGUST 19, 2011 Sign up for CC+/Bryan College Dual Enrollment here. Read an email from VP of En ...
    Jul 22 Tags: News Updates
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Our Postcards blog team provides helpful articles for Classical Conversations parents, tutors, and students. Articles range from the practical to ideas to book reviews, and more!

Recent Posts

  • The Art of Going to the Art Museum

    Posted by Courtney Sanford in Articles
    “It’s fun to have fun, but you have to know how,” quips the Cat in the Hat. He is referring to balancing a cup, plate, and teapot on top of his hat on a rainy day, but he speaks the truth, especially when it comes to art appreciation.   Where I live in Raleigh, North Carolina, we have access to several great museums. When we began homescho ...
    Oct 03 Tags: Untagged
  • Good Models for Our Children

    There is something charming and winsome about old children’s books. One of the things I remember about the Little House on the Prairie series is the simple innocence of their lifestyle and of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s writing. Laura frequently comments about how she is trying to mend her own faults and how she is often inspired to do better by the exa ...
    Oct 03 Tags: Untagged
  • Let’s Liven Up Latin!

      One reason for the study of Latin is that it is rigorous—translating is similar to working mathematical equations. I love this about Latin. I also love the fact that eventually I will be able to read ancient writings myself; I will be able to appreciate Cicero not only for what he said, but how he said it.   Our children, however, ma ...
  • Classical Acts and Facts History Cards: A Firm Foundation

    Posted by Courtney Sanford in Articles
      I just opened my new Classical Conversations history cards and I just love them! They are beautiful! I am reading Abolition of Man and Climbing Parnassus, and both are convicting me to immerse my children in truth, beauty, and goodness. The history cards are one of the ways I am going to do this. Each card links artwork with history. Art no ...
    Apr 30 Tags: Untagged
  • Easter and the Garden

      Signs of Easter are everywhere. Yellow daffodils have sprung to life in our backyard. A riot of multicolored tulips lines the trail at the park. Redbuds and pear trees have dressed in purple and white for the occasion.   Snatches of a popular Christian song from my teen years resound in my mind: “Did the grass sing? Did the Earth rej ...
    Apr 03 Tags: Untagged
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Writers Circle

The Writers Circle team is made up of the best of classical educators, provides information to help us grasp and expand our understanding of the ideas behind what we do and why we do it.

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