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Denise McLain Contact Denise McLain
There are many obstacles parents are confronted with when choosing to homeschooling. Often times parents are told they are not qualified or educated enough to be successful at this task. Denise's passion for Classical Conversations is to empower parents to be the primary educators of their children in academics and in the knowledge of God. As she engages parents in this responsibility, she is excited to see how God will turn these children's hearts toward home, building love and respect for their parents as a result.
In 2013, Denise's focus will be on equipping the parents in her community through a variety of educational opportunities.  She will also seek to build relationships with government officials and businesses to broaden the understanding of a parent's desire to homeschool. She will be equipping parents to be the one to teach their children how to love learning and, as a result, love their Creator. Denise is confident that this program is very well crafted and can give parents a higher level of standard, no matter the Lord's calling for their child.
Elizabeth Miller Contact Elizabeth Miller

Elizabeth has been involved with Classical Conversations for 3 years serving in the Clarksville community.  As a new homeschool parent, Classical Conversations offered her family the community and structure for which they were looking.  Desiring to find a Christ-centered curriculum that addresses multiple grade levels at the same time, the one-room schoolhouse approach of Classical Conversations was the right fit for their family of three children.


Having observed the benefits of a classical education, her goal is to educate others about the classical model through information meetings in west central Tennessee.  Parents will be given the tools to homeschool their children through high school at the Windows into Challenge program hosted this spring.  She is committed to leading with excellence and sharing her passion for Classical Conversations.

Jamie Hays Contact Jamie Hays


Jamie is finishing up her fourth year with Classical Conversations.  She has a passion for every family to know about CC and how it has changed her way of homeschooling. Homeschooling six children can be daunting. Teaching classically and with CC has empowered Jamie and her husband, Marc, to see that they can school their children through High School.  Her vision is to help equip more families in Tennessee to see that they also can finish the home school “race” that God has set before them. She also desires to see that there is a CC Community “local” to each CC family. Jamie, as George Grant says, “has a hunger to see ‘what is’ in terms of ‘what ought to be’.” She desires to pass that vision along to Support Managers and directors  across the state of Tennessee.





Jeana Partin Contact Jeana Partin


Jeana left the workplace in 2004 to homeschool her children who were then 8 and 6 years old. Over the years, her appreciation of home education has grown into a desire to not only train her children, but mentor other’s children.  Her husband of 22 years is an employee of the Knoxville Fire Department and a strong leader in their home.  They have purposed themselves to train their children in a holistic way to love God, themselves and others. 


She began classically homeschooling her children 10 years ago and joined Classical Conversations in 2011.  Since becoming a part of Classical Conversations she has directed Challenge I and III and has been a Support Manager since March, 2012.    “The ability to communicate effectively our Biblical Worldview is paramount in our culture today. Classical Conversations gives students the tools to understand our culture from a historical and Biblical perspective and the ability to communicate God’s message of Truth to others. My children and I have been greatly impacted by our participation in Classical Conversations these past three years.   It is my privilege to come alongside my fellow directors as Support Manager for the East Tennessee Area as we continue to empower our parents and children to embrace all that is good that God has created for us to enjoy and to share the message of Christ to our world.”


Kate Roberts Contact Kate Roberts

Kate Roberts and her husband, Jim, have been involved with Classical Conversations for two years with their three young children.  They have always been very determined to school their children in a classical model, but were unsure how this would look for their family.  After a friend’s gentle prompting, a magnificent strategy via Classical Conversations was opened up to Kate and her family.  The very best part of Classical Conversations is its mission, “To know God and to make Him known.”  The Roberts’ knew Classical Conversations was just what they were looking for and a roadmap was laid out to classically educate their children through the completion of high school.  This plan included a layering approach to education wherein each year would lay down a foundation to build upon the following year.  Another important part of Classical Conversations is walking through and working through this educational journey with a community of parents and children who are all seeking God and making Him known.


Kate hopes to bring the vision of classical education to those who may not yet be very familiar with it.  Communities are knit together by their children and Kate hopes that these communities will be as encouraged as she was hearing about effective home schooling strategies for their children and its easy implementation  The more families that can be informed about classical education, the more people will see exciting options in home schooling.  Finally, it is important with all education that we look back to our roles as parents and the directions given to us by God, “Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.”  Proverbs 22:6


Krista Toennies Contact Krista Toennies

Krista Toennies and husband Matt are blessed with five children, including three through the miracle of adoption.  A veteran homeschooler of 10 years, it wasn’t until her eighth that she became aware of how she could partner with Classical Conversations to provide, accountability, structure and relationships for both her and her children.  She is thankful for the training opportunities that CC provided that equipped her to teach her own children using the classical tools of learning.  Having children in Foundations, Essentials, and Challenge has given her a vision for homeschooling through high school and graduating her children well equipped to be effective ambassadors of Christ.  “If our children are equipped to learn almost anything, they can be ready and willing to do anything which the Lord calls them to do. What greater purpose is there than to raise a generation of Christ-followers available to be used for the Lord’s work?“  It is her passion to make CC available to homeschooling families earlier in their homeschool journey so that they can begin to become life-long learners for Christ.

Leigh Barron Contact Leigh Barron


Leigh has been serving in her local CC community for the past 5 years as a foundation tutor. Classical Conversations has been a great fit for her 4 children at home as well. It has brought intentional purpose with core knowledge to their school days, and has helped her as a mom and educator to articulate the goals of leadership education. Abraham Lincoln once said, “The philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next.” CC truly equips the moms as 2nd generation learners as well as the children to become the leaders who can bring about the change needed in our culture. There are many homeschooling families in her community. It is her passion to walk along side the existing community as well as help a new ones to begin in a neighboring counties. Through informational meetings and maintaining a standard of excellence in the communities, she believes the families will desire the same model of greatness in their homes as well.




Matthew Pyburn Contact Matthew Pyburn

Matt serves the communities in the western Tennessee area. He is the primary teacher for four children ranging from 1st to 6th grade. Matt and his wife, Jessica, have a passion for approaching homeschooling with a biblical worldview to grow children that: love the Lord Jesus Christ, confidently defend their beliefs, and will be equipped for the world. In Classical Conversations, they have found a proven roadmap and an environment to facilitate their homeschooling goals for their young children through high school.

Previously unfamiliar with the classical model and Classical Conversations, Matt’s family entered homeschooling after years of private Christian education. They joined a Classical Conversations community where their children flourished in their new homeschooling endeavors, and Matt quickly found a desire to share the benefits of Classical Conversations with others. His mission is to inform parents about Classical Conversations, and he is committed to growing Classical Conversations communities to equip parents to homeschool using a classical model with a biblical worldview.


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