Happy Advent Season from Classical Conversations!

Thanksgiving is over… which means Christmas is right around the corner!

So begins this year’s advent season, a familiar time of joy and celebration with family and friends.

What's the Meaning of Advent?

The advent season is often overlooked as a celebration in and of itself. Rather, these few weeks leading up to Christmas Day can become congested with the buying of gifts, decorating the home with lights, and attending Christmas parties with loved ones.

The last thing you probably want to read is another “remember the reason for the season” blog post, dissuading you from buying your children presents and abstaining from the delicious snacks at Christmas parties.

While there’s nothing wrong with celebrating the advent season with parties, gifts, and decorations, for us as Christians, the advent season also signifies such an important aspect of the spiritual journey—anticipation.

How Will Your Family Spend This Advent Season?

Advent is full of anticipation. We eagerly wait to see loved ones for the holiday, to open gifts on Christmas morning, to eat amazing food, and to attend Christmas parties or candlelight services.

But amidst all this waiting we can easily forget the most important thing we as Christians are waiting for—the return of Jesus Christ.

The Christmas season is a time both to remember the first coming of Jesus and to anticipate His second coming. As Robert Bortins reminds us in the video above, we should look forward to the second coming of Jesus as much as our children look forward to opening gifts on Christmas Day.

So, although you’ve heard it many times before, remember the reason for the season. As you and your family celebrate advent, celebrate not only the birth of Jesus but also the hope that our Savior will return.

We at Classical Conversations wish you and your family a happy advent and a very Merry Christmas!



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