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Why Parents Should Care about Learning Latin

I have had the pleasure of meeting so many homeschool parents who want to learn Latin prior to or during their child’s Latin education. However, I have also met many people who recoil at the idea of learning Latin with their students. They think that it would be a...
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To plan or not to plan…that is the question.

There are not a lot of reasons we could say not to plan. It is kind of like housework—you know the plan is going to get messed up quickly. You know that you will not always get it all done and that sometimes you will have to start over. Just like housework, though,...
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Going Out without Regrets: What Writing Taught Me about Racing, Christianity, and Life

Three months ago I ran my last collegiate 5k race. It was at the University of Kentucky on a big, beautiful, blue track. I’d always wanted to run on a blue track. I spent eight hours in the van with my teammates for the last time. We joked and argued as siblings would...
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Why Study Science Classically

I’m going to answer this question, I really am, but first I need to make a couple of heady statements: 1.  Education in the classical tradition asserts that real knowledge should bring one to an understanding of truth. 2.  Education should change our thinking to...
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Celebrate 100,000 CC students

Classical Conversations® passes 100,000-student mark!

by John
Thursday, 01 September, 2016
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West End, North Carolina — When Leigh Bortins started Classical Conversations® in 1997 in the basement of her Winston-Salem, North Carolina, home with 11 students, little did she know that her creation would grow to more than 100,000 students in less than 20 years....
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