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Glory Speaking

I have just finished three days of speaking at one of our Parent Practicums in Georgia, and once again, my own heart has come away enriched and grappling with deeper truth and greater insight. We spent the past three days analyzing and sharing with one another about...
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Classical Grandparents

We sit side by side, propped up on pillows on my bed. It’s midday and neither of us is sick. We just like to do it this way. One by one each grandchild comes by “Grammy’s room” to do their math with me in turn (they fight about who has to go first—they are, after all,...
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Summer Refreshment: Goofing Off

When I was a kid, goofing off was easy. Summer meant long stretches of absolutely nothing to do. Sun-washed days meant running through the sprinkler, inventing stories in our makeshift forts, riding bikes around town, and releasing tufts of cattails by the lake....
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Cycle 2, Take 2

Something is different this year. When we went through Cycle 2 three years ago, we were completing our first round through the cycle of Foundations memory work, and my eight-year-old daughter felt that she now understood all mysteries and all knowledge. Her hard-won...
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Imagine A Table

by Marc
Thursday, 23 June, 2016
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"Poetry is not merely expressive: it is expression." “Poems, that is, do not merely talk about love or passion or emotion: they are the very sound of love, of passion, of emotion." -Invitation to the Psalms by Jacobson and Jacobson         Imagine a table. A table...
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