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The Power of Community—It’s Not What You Think

Someone recently asked me to weigh in on their “be part of a local community” or “do CC at home” dilemma. As I began to gather my thoughts, identify my best examples, and marshal my arguments, I realized that for me, the jury is not still out. I am wholly sold out to...
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The Magic of Reading Aloud

by Lisa
Tuesday, 03 January, 2017
categories: Articles, Classical Christian Education, Homeschooling Life
When you think of “magic,” what do you envision? A wand waving? The flash of a red-lined cape? The rabbit emerging from the top hat? Frankly, I was never one for magic; the tricks, while sometimes amazing, never fascinated me or drew me in. But then I discovered the...
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When Failure Is Not an Option

When my older daughter was young, one of her favorite movies was Apollo 13. I am not completely sure what the fascination was; she was too young by most estimates to really “get” the movie. At any rate, I spent quite a bit of time watching the movie, apparently...
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Soul of Science: Inquiring Minds

"Inquiring minds want to know!” Does anyone else remember that advertising tag line? It was the slogan for one of the lurid tabloid gossip magazines that plastered the checkout lines of my childhood. When I was very young, just learning to read really, I would try to...
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Soul of Science: The Philosophy of Science

For many of us, “science” is synonymous with “facts.”  If we say something is scientific, we mean it is based on facts, laws, or proven theories—or at the very least that the subject is being studied using the accepted methods of good science. Yet, we are all familiar...
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