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How to Raise a Hero (Four Important Activities to Do with Your Children this Summer)

by Courtney
Monday, 06 May, 2013
categories: Classical Christian Education
In the light of current events, I am certain of one thing: we need heroes. As parents, we cannot allow fear to rule our lives; on the contrary, we should prepare our children to act nobly and to do the right thing in unusual circumstances, because one thing is certain...
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Christmas Blessings

My favorite day of the week is always our Classical Conversations community day, but I also really enjoy the more relaxed days of the Christmas break. We study the things we like at our own pace for a few weeks and I have time to work some games into regular school...
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Back To School (Part 2): 1st Day of Class

I may have a college degree, I may have managed a mechanical team and engineering budget at my old job, and I may have been a little nervous my first day of school. Tuesday was my first official Foundations and Essentials class. Monday night, I called my mom in a panic...
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