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Wonderstruck by Science

The Conversation Monthly Wonderstruck by Science “Life is at its best is an adventure, a voyage of discovery. What could be more gratifying than to discover, describe and explain some basic principle that no human being has ever understood before? This is the stuff of...
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How Do We Study Science Classically?

Below, dear reader, you will find notes, questions, observations, and hopefully, a few reasonable answers to the question, “How does one study science classically?” Instead of simply giving you a couple of answers from my readings and contemplations, I thought I would...
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Soul of Science: The Philosophy of Science

For many of us, “science” is synonymous with “facts.”  If we say something is scientific, we mean it is based on facts, laws, or proven theories—or at the very least that the subject is being studied using the accepted methods of good science. Yet, we are all familiar...
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Soul of Science: Looking at Science from the Roots Up

Modern culture often paints the picture that science did not begin to flourish until it was freed from the chains of religion and philosophy. Among academia today, the dominant view is that “religion” is opposed to “science,” and that scientific advances exist because...
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Soul of Science: Learn to Ask the Big Questions

Science, as a discipline, seems to possess a greater hold than all others on the modern mind. Much of popular culture has endowed science with the influence of the highest authority, deferring to the explanations, theories, and agenda of the scientific community....
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