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Why I Love Classical Conversations' Latin

I hope that everyone is getting excited to start Classical Conversations this month! I myself am getting excited. I love Cycle 3 (especially because I live in Virginia—field trips!) and I am tutoring Challenge III this year (American History--field trips!). After...
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Ecclesiastes: An Apology for the Classics

by Matt
Thursday, 04 August, 2011
categories: Classical Christian Education
To some, the phrase, “classical Christian education” seems like a misnomer, paradoxical even. The idea that we could educate and raise up Christian children by teaching them the ideas of pagans seems impossible. Yet, hundreds of classical Christian schools and...
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Beefing Up Sixth Grade

In more and more Classical Conversations communities, sixth graders start their final year in Foundations already knowing a lot of the memory work. Many of these students began Foundations sitting on mom’s lap and soaking up the timeline cards as early as age three....
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Back to School

As you may know, Classical Conversations began when I was in high school. I was a student in the original Challenge I, II, and III programs with about eleven other students. It was just shortly before that time when my mom heard about classical education, so I missed...
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Classical Conversations Bryan College

Announcing an exciting homeschool through high school program with Bryan College and Classical Conversations. Updated November 2, 2011 Semester 2 Course Syllabus now available. Updated August 19, 2011 Sign up for CC+/Bryan College Dual Enrollment here. Read an email...
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