Classical Conversations Values Its Parents

When my mom started Classical Conversations 23 years ago, it was because many homeschool parents didn’t feel comfortable educating their children through high school. My mom didn’t start Classical Conversations to homeschool those children for their parents, but to provide those parents with the necessary support to homeschool their kids through high school. Unlike other education companies that focus on children, Classical Conversations is focused on their parents. If parents are well equipped and supported by a community, they can homeschool through high school successfully.

Formal Day

Spirit Week Devotional: All About Looks

remember that life isn’t all about appearances. In fact, when God was picking out the next king of Israel back in 1 Samuel 16, he turned down all the best-looking candidates. He was more concerned with the state of their hearts…

Crazy Hair Day

Spirit Week Devotional: To the Poor in Spirit

Even on rough days where you’re barely able to get everyone out the door looking halfway presentable, remember, God has chosen those who are poor in the world to be rich in faith and the heirs of His kingdom. That’s right, God doesn’t look for those folks who have their lives all together…

Sports Day

Spirit Week Devotional: Running the Race

Sin, doubts, unhealthy spiritual habits, guilt, and other things can consistently take our focus away from God and become a great hindrance. Let us draw near to the Lord in prayer and carefully consider what weights we may be dragging with us in this race.

CC Shirt Day (1)

Spirit Week Devotional: Ambassadors for Christ

Whatever you are an ambassador for, you want to support it and be a good representation of its values. Those of us who are Christians are also ambassadors of Christ to the world. It’s our job to be good representatives of who God is and what He stands for…

Historical Character Day

Spirit Week Devotional: History

On this day in Spirit Week, we are taking time to celebrate history and those who influenced it! It’s important to know what happened to and through the people who came before us. Getting to know them, their strengths, weaknesses, victories, and failures is valuable for helping us decide how we ought to strive to live…

80's Day

Spirit Week Devotional: Honoring Parents

As we encounter differences between ourselves, our parents, and even perhaps our grandparents, we must keep in mind Exodus 20:12. Are we honoring our parents and older relatives in thought and in deed?



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