CC Shirt Day (1)

Spirit Week Devotional: Ambassadors for Christ

Whatever you are an ambassador for, you want to support it and be a good representation of its values. Those of us who are Christians are also ambassadors of Christ to the world. It’s our job to be good representatives of who God is and what He stands for…

Historical Character Day

Spirit Week Devotional: History

On this day in Spirit Week, we are taking time to celebrate history and those who influenced it! It’s important to know what happened to and through the people who came before us. Getting to know them, their strengths, weaknesses, victories, and failures is valuable for helping us decide how we ought to strive to live…

80's Day

Spirit Week Devotional: Honoring Parents

As we encounter differences between ourselves, our parents, and even perhaps our grandparents, we must keep in mind Exodus 20:12. Are we honoring our parents and older relatives in thought and in deed?

Star Wars Day

Spirit Week Devotional: Spirit Vs. Flesh

The spirit VS. the flesh – it is a constant battle, whether we actively see it or not. Just as the Dark Side in Star Wars encourages people to “give in to their hate” to find power, the lusts of our flesh pull us to give in to their desires to find happiness and fulfillment…

Comfy Clothes Day

Spirit Week Devotional: Rest

Isn’t that what we all need? A good dose of rest? Time where we don’t have to be thinking about what needs to be cleaned, who needs to be fed, where we must go, and what needs to be done next; that sounds wonderful! But is that really the sort of rest that Jesus meant when he said this?

Latin Thumbnail

3 Ways Latin Benefits YOU!

Sure, we could use the same tired reasons for learning Latin that everyone else uses:

Learning Latin will enhance your study of history, fine arts, and literature. You’ll be able to read the Latin in state mottos, hymns, and old buildings. We could tell you that reading Cicero and Virgil in their original language is divinely beautiful, or even that learning Latin builds character.

All those things are true, but unless you are already a Latin enthusiast, chances are you don’t care.

Instead, here are 3 practical reasons why Latin can benefit the average person…

Geography activities Insta

Geography Activities You Can Do At Home!

Learning about the world that God has placed us in can be amazing. Sometimes, however, something so big and complex can be overwhelming for a child to grasp at first. How can we tackle a subject that is literally as big as the earth and help our children understand it? One way is through making it a hands-on experience. 
Here are 5 activities you can use to help your child learn (and enjoy!) geography.

Homeschool Rooms in 360

Homeschool Room Tours with 360° Video!

It’s time to get inspiration from REAL homeschooling parents!
Now, thanks to 360° recording technology and a great group of families, I can see what ideas work in real-life! These parents have opened their homes to the Classical Conversations film team and are here to give us the grand tour. From setup to storage and everything in between, these folks are sharing their best tips with the world!



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