Can a Homeschool Graduate Find Success?


A concern parents often have when considering homeschooling is whether their children will achieve success later in life. The answer—yes, homeschoolers are typically very successful. Just search “are homeschoolers successful” online and you’ll find accounts of homeschooled students scoring above average on standardized test scores and achieving a college graduation rate higher than that of their peers. Homeschool mom Leah Bromen reassures that homeschoolers do indeed find success, recalling her own children and their peers pursuing academic, professional, and personal interests.


  • Homeschooling prepares students to thrive in any career.
  • Homeschooled students are often involved in various activities outside school.

Homeschooling prepares students to thrive in any career

Throughout years of homeschooling, Leah has watched homeschooled students find success in numerous career paths from the medical field and politics to engineering and the military. Her own children are entering fields in engineering, psychology, and critical thinking and integrative studies. Leah also advises that seeking to be the best person possible for a future spouse is no less of an achievement than the aforementioned pursuits. So—in short—yes, homeschooled students can find success in numerous career opportunities.

Homeschooled students are often involved in various activities outside school

Not only do homeschooled students find success in their college and career pursuits, but they also often strive to achieve more outside of the academic and professional realms, becoming involved in service activities, social opportunities, and extracurricular activities in college. For example, Leah’s son had to limit his involvement in the many extracurriculars he wished to pursue in college to still have time for his engineering studies.

Can a homeschool graduate find success?

To ensure that your children find success, encourage them to pursue their interests. These may be academic interests, like science or history, but also may include activities like music, sports, ministries, and service opportunities. As they follow these pursuits, they will develop into the people God has called them to be. And, in our opinion, there’s no better definition of success than that.

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