CC Christmas Shopping List

It’s December, which means nearly everyone is counting down the days until Christmas. Have you finished Christmas shopping for your favorite homeschool student or mom? How about a grandparent? Are you looking for a unique gift for someone who isn’t involved in Classical Conversations or even homeschooling? Well, here is a Christmas list of a dozen gift ideas you probably haven’t thought of.

  1. The Riot and The Dance—Water DVD

The sequel to The Riot and The Dance—Earth, this film explores the God-created life in the oceans, lakes and rivers that cover 70 percent of the earth’s surface. It’s a feast for the eyes!

  1. My CC ABC’s

This little board book is the second from Classical Conversations’ CEO, Robert Bortins. Now, even the littlest students can learn their ABCs as easy as 1-2-3 using the principles of CC’s Foundations program.

  1. Lily Stays for School

If you like Robert’s My CC ABC’s, you’ll love his first book. This delightful picture book illustrates what the first day of school is like when it takes place at home.

  1. May the mass times acceleration (force) be with you T-shirt

This classic CC T-shirt is the perfect gift for the science nerds on your shopping list! It’s available in sizes for men, women and youth.

  1. Leatherette Coaster Set

This classic coaster set in CC blue or black is embossed with Classical Conversations’ logo and will protect your home’s furniture against spills and stains.

  1. Classical Conversations Journal

This classic journal has 80 lined sheets and a cover in turquoise or navy blue. The compact journal is perfect for use as a diary, date book, Bible study or for jotting down your innermost thoughts.

Classical Conversations is in part a curriculum company, so it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that most of these gifts are books. These next two books are simply gorgeous and would look at home in any library, on any coffee table. If you don’t already own these books, buy them for yourself, your kids or your grandkids for Christmas.

  1. Marvelous to Behold

This stunning, museum-quality art textbook truly is marvelous to behold. The breathtaking collection of full-color images is a work of art in itself, featuring the master works of some of the world’s greatest artists.

  1. Exploring the World Through Cartography

This visually stunning cartography book will change the way your students view the world—and how they see themselves in it. This coffee-table book illustrates the art and science involved in cartography and the wonder of Creation mapped out before our eyes!

The next four books are all from Classical Conversations’ Copper Lodge Library. They represent classic poems, short stories, folk tales, legends and fables from the early days of America and around the world and should be a part of every well-rounded education.

  1. Old World Echoes

Old World Echoes is a hand-picked collection of classic tales of awe and wonder from around the world. Foundations parents can read aloud one to two stories and one poem each week for the 24 weeks of Foundations. The readings are designed to take no more than 30 minutes each day.

  1. New World Echoes

The companion volume to Old World Echoes, this new addition to the Copper Lodge series features poems, tall tales and legends from North America, South America, Australia, New Zealand and Iceland.

  1. Tanglewood Tales

One of my favorite books from childhood, Tanglewood Tales is colorful introduction to six classic myths, thoughtfully reimagined by Nathaniel Hawthorne for children. These delightful retellings will be a treasure your children will pore over and enjoy for years.

  1. The American Experience Storybook

This storybook is packed full of great tales of heroism from U.S. history. These easy-to-read stories encourage readers to explore the lives and virtues of men and women like George Washington, Dolly Madison, Harriet Tubman, and Martin Luther King, Jr.

There you have it—12 awesome gift ideas from the Classical Conversations Bookstore. I hope you found ideas to add to your Christmas shopping list for someone you love, even if it’s just for you.



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