The Challenge A Program

Ages 12+

Students are introduced to the robust work of the Challenge program as they encounter the joys and challenges of this discussion-charged Challenge A program.

It is a mix of grammar and dialectic materials as well as an introduction to basic rhetorical skills.

This fulfilling program prepares students for the later Challenges by serving as a bridge between the parent-directed elementary level and a more self-directed stage of learning.


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Newbery Literature and Persuasive Writing (First and Second Semesters)
The Lost Tools of Writing train students in the art of clear thinking and persuasive writing.

This comprehensive program guides students in the art of thinking clearly.

Each week students are challenged from their assigned reading to ask good questions, employ stylistic techniques and craft a persuasive essay.


Latin A (First and Second Semesters)
Students study Latin with an emphasis on vocabulary memorization, declensions, and conjugations.

Students learn to parse and to translate from Latin to English and English to Latin.



Cartography (First and Second Semesters)

This seminar includes continent cartography and memorization of current political boundaries, countries, capitals, and 150 geographical terms.

The goal of this seminar is for students to draw the world from memory.

Each week, students practice drawing and labeling various continents of the world.

Mastery of the contents of this seminar equips the students with senses of achievement and competency.

This propels them to pursue excellence in subsequent Challenge levels.


Natural Science (First Semester)

Science Fair (First and Second Semester)
Biology (Second Semester)
Students study natural science during the first semester by researching an assigned realm of nature, recording findings, illustrating results and having weekly class presentations.

The final five weeks of the semester allow students to implement their research skills as they practice the scientific method through their science fair projects.

The second semester prepares students to present their science fair projects, and introduces biology through drawing, labeling, and memorizing nine human body systems.



Mathematics (First and Second Semesters)
Each week, students engage in conversation around numbers, operations, and laws, setting a firm foundation for higher math studies.

Students may work from Saxon or any other math book they are using at home, bringing questions to seminar each week to fuel the math conversation.


Analogies and Clear Reasoning (First and Second Semesters)
Two general topics are discussed during the year: connecting ideas by constructing analogies, and thinking and speaking truthfully. Both courses set the foundational premises upon which other Challenges build. Students will be assigned weekly readings and exercises, including recognizing analogies, writing with stylistic devices, and identifying fallacies in arguments. In seminar, tutors will lead discussions on the materials studied and students will share their creations from the week at home.