Why Churches Should Host a CC Community

Why should churches partner with Classical Conversations?

Are you a pastor thinking of hosting a Classical Conversations community at your church? Are you curious about whether a partnership would be a good fit?

Well, to hear why hosting a Classical Conversations community could be a great idea for your church, check out this personal testimony from Brad Steele, a pastor in Alachua, Florida:

Let’s review Pastor Brad’s reasons why churches should partner with Classical Conversations:

Both the church and Classical Conversations share the same mission.

Pastor Brad, like many, has his frustrations with the public school system. So, when Classical Conversations approached him about hosting a community at his church, he agreed wholeheartedly.

“If someone were to ask me whether or not they should host Classical Conversations, I would say to first pray about it, but I think it’s a done deal,” says Pastor Brad.

This is because both the church and Classical Conversations share the same mission—to know God and to make Him known!

Classical Conversations serves as an extension of the church.

Hosting a Classical Conversations community at your church is one way you can utilize an otherwise vacant building for God’s kingdom! Pastor Brad hopes to equip his congregation with the tools for the ministry. This is exactly what Classical Conversations does for young students though a Christ-centered education. In many ways, by hosting a Classical Conversations community one day a week you will be extending the reach of your own ministry.

Pastor Brad comments, “If everything we do is an act of worship, it shouldn’t stop at 12 o’clock on Sunday afternoon. So, when we have a group like Classical Conversations that can come in and teach that same worldview, and they’re equipping their children for the works of the ministry through education, it’s just a good fit, it’s something we need to do.”

We couldn’t agree more. To sum, support the church by supporting Classical Conversations and hosting your local community!

Host your local community!

To learn how to host your local community, contact us at customerservice@classicalconversations.com.



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