Classical Conversations Outreach Events Explained

Classical Conversations team leaders worldwide host several outreach events throughout the year to equip homeschooling parents with the tools and confidence to succeed in home educating. But how are these events different, and which should you or your family attend?

What’s the Difference Between our Outreach Events?

Although all Classical Conversations events maintain the same spirit of connecting lives through learning, each event provides a certain audience with specific helpful information or practical tools. To help you better understand the difference between our events, we’ve compiled this easy-to-understand guide. We hope to see you at an event near you!

Open House

Come observe a Classical Conversations community day in action by visiting an Open House! During this time, you and your children will get hands-on experience with homeschooling in community and see firsthand what Classical Conversations programs are all about. In other words, an Open House is just a typical community day your family can observe and participate alongside us before becoming a Classical Conversations member.

Primary Audience(s): Parents and students interested in homeschooling with Classical Conversations.

Purpose: To provide parents and students with firsthand experience of what learning in a Classical Conversations local community is like.

How to Attend: You can find an Open House at a community near you through our Attend an Event page.

Information Meeting

At an Information Meeting (or “Info Meeting”), experienced homeschooling parents share everything you need to know about the Classical Conversations programs and homeschooling in community. You’ll also glean some practical tips as team leaders share their personal experiences of homeschooling with Classical Conversations. If you’re interested in homeschooling with Classical Conversations, you don’t want to miss an Information Meeting near you!

Primary Audience(s): Parents interested in homeschooling with Classical Conversations.

Purpose: To provide parents with information about Classical Conversations, homeschooling in community, how our programs are unique, and homeschooling tips in general.

How to Attend: You can find an Information Meeting near you or online through our Attend an Event page.


Formerly known as Parent Practicum, Practicum is a day-long conference designed to make homeschooling doable by equipping you with the classical tools of learning through discussion and practice with other parents. Wherever you are in your homeschooling journey, you’ll walk away from Practicum empowered to apply what you’ve learned in the coming academic year and beyond.

Primary Audience(s): Parents interested in, new to, or experienced in homeschooling. In short, Practicum is for parents at all stages of the homeschooling journey!

Purpose: To equip parents with a specific set of knowledge and tools to homeschool their students successfully.

How to Attend: You can find a Practicum near you through our Attend an Event page.

Invite Others to Attend an Outreach Event!

Whether you’re already a Classical Conversations member or completely new to our programs, feel free to bring a friend along to any of our outreach events!

Who should you to invite? Well, who do you know who is a parent? Which of your friends are interested in homeschooling or school choice? Just like our community members, those who attend our outreach events are parents seeking to be their children’s best teachers. Whoever tags along with you to an outreach event, we look forward to welcoming both of you!

Larger Classical Conversations Events

Apart from our local events, we invite Classical Conversations members to annual events open to our larger community. This year in April, Classical Conversations parents and students from around the world can attend our National Conference and National Commencement, hosted by the nonprofit the Classical Conversations Foundation. If you want to learn more about these events, click here.



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