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Classical Conversations Plus

Spring 2017 registration is now closed!​


Classical Conversations offers unique college credit opportunities for students enrolled in the upper Challenges levels—II, III, and IV—while continuing to honor the parent as the classical educator in the home. The Classical Conversations Plus (CC+) courses have been designed to integrate significant elements from our Challenge seminars, allowing students to gain college credit without their community life and Challenge assignments suffering.

In contrast with traditional dual enrollment courses, Classical Conversations Plus (CC+) courses are available only to enrolled Classical Conversations students, and offer the additional mentorship of a Christian college educator. A mature upper Challenge student who excels in course work and handles time schedules well could really benefit from college credit while in high school. Please click on the link to view the course offerings, specifics, and summaries. These summaries give the most detailed information about each course and what is required to receive college credit.

Classical Conversations announced a new partnership with Southeastern University (SEU) of Lakeland, Florida, in Spring 2016. The partnership focuses on using Challenge assignments with specific directives to gain college credit. SEU offers competency-based college credit, which assesses the Challenge curriculum and assignments, and modifies them as needed to meet and fulfill SEU credit standards. SEU assessors review student work and provide feedback. They also provide course grade assessments. Assessors do not instruct or teach in the traditional manner; instruction and teaching is provided by the home educator, maintaining the home educator's authority. This CC+ SEU partnership extends our Challenge III and IV communities into the college level, while allowing students to stay actively engaged in their local communities.

We are excited to announce the 2016­ - 17 program lineups for Classical Conversations Plus. Click on each title to read the summary and the course particulars, as each course is different and has its own emphasis. 

Classical Conversations Plus Offerings for Spring 2017

Challenge II, III, or IV

MATH 1213 College Algebra, 3 credits, Southeastern University* 

MATH Pre-Assessment test (all MATH courses) to determine readiness.* 

Challenge III

ENGL 1133 English Composition I, 3 credits, Southeastern University 

HIST 2023 American History from 1877, 3 credits, Southeastern University 

MATH 1413 Pre-Calculus, 3 credits, Southeastern University* 

MATH Pre-Assessment test (all MATH courses) to determine readiness.* 

Challenge IV

ENGL 1233 English Composition II, 3 credits, Southeastern University 

HIST 1023 Western Civilization from the 17th Century, 3 credits, Southeastern University 

MATH 1413 Pre-Calculus, 3 credits, Southeastern University* 

MATH Pre-Assessment test (all MATH courses) to determine readiness.* 

MATH 2023 Introduction to Probability and Statistics, 3 credits, Southeastern University* 

MATH Pre-Assessment test (all MATH courses) to determine readiness 

THEO 1313 Intro to Christian Theology, 3 credits, Southeastern University 

* Math classes will require additional resources and have prerequisites.

MATH Pre-Assessment ANSWER KEY, for parent-educators to score the Pre-Assessment




What are the advantages of the CC+ unique college credit program?
  • It affirms the excellence of the Classical Conversations Challenge program.
  • It allows diligent students in Classical Conversations to earn college credit for the work they do in the Challenge program along with the college-level particulars or directives.
  • It maintains the classical, Christian focus and flow of the Challenge seminars while offering college credit work and awards.
  • It provides families with a reduced credit-hour cost for credit hours earned prior to full-time college enrollment.
  • It offers additional Christian mentorship and community to students made in God’s image. A CC+ student has a truly blended experience that includes at-home learning; classical, Christian community with homeschool peers; and an online college experience with a like-minded community.
How does it work?

Parents work directly with the Christian college for registration and tuition fees. Students work independently with college professors online to complete the course portion. Students maintain their education at home and in Classical Conversations community. Although Classical Conversations directors introduce the CC+ option to parents, they bear no additional responsibilities for administration or grading.

What are the unique college credit requirements for registering students? Are there course prerequisites?

Our CC+ partnership requires students to have previously completed at least two years in Classical Conversations and to be currently either fully enrolled in all seminars or in a minimum of four Challenge III or IV seminars for the upcoming semester. Students enrolled at Southeastern University courses must be 16 years of age as of July 31 to qualify for SEU’s courses for Challenge III or IV. To qualify for the SEU courses for Challenge II, students must be 15 years of age by July 31. These requirements of our partnership will ensure the maturity and experience needed for success and increase the ease of transferring credits in the future.

Many courses are independent and do not have any pre-course requirements besides being enrolled in the corresponding Challenge level. Math course prerequisites or level-of-education requirements will be listed in the course description summaries. A pre-assessment test is necessary to ensure that a student is equipped to start a math course for CC+SEU courses. CC+SEU English Composition II has prerequisites that are listed in the course summary.

What will it cost?

Classical Conversations Plus courses are affordable and billed directly from the Christian college of enrollment. CC+ will be an additional cost to parents over two years if they choose to enroll in this optional program. However, families could potentially save nearly an entire year of college tuition fees ($12–$25,000) while students study in the comfort of their home and community.

Financial information for Southeastern University is provided at the website. For SEU math courses, students will be billed a lab fee to cover the textbook and MyMathLab license.

Will classes transfer?

Our CC+ partners are regionally accredited colleges, which is the highest accreditation colleges can attain. This is the same accreditation of virtually every major state school and many accredited private schools. However, classes are never guaranteed to transfer from one institution to another. Parents must use discernment and contact the admissions departments of the colleges they are considering for their students. Classes that do not transfer are typically classes that are not offered at other institutions. In addition, some colleges will only accept a certain number of transfer credits.

College credit, even if it does not transfer, will enhance a student’s resume and his or her chances of securing college admission and scholarships.

Classical Conversations has chosen to offer courses that integrate well with our classical seminars but are broad enough in scope to transfer to most institutions. THEO 1313 may transfer as a philosophy course or as an elective if a student pursues the public university route, or it may not transfer. Nevertheless, the book, materials, and discussion will be beneficial and meaningful in comparison to knocking out a credit for credit’s sake. Lower level math courses may meet the math requirements for college. Depending on a student’s major, these classes might exempt a student from taking any additional math courses in college. On the other hand, if a student is pursuing an engineering or science-related degree, it might be possible that these math courses would not help the student graduate any earlier, because such programs typically expect freshmen to start in Calculus I if they plan on graduating on time. No matter the credit designation result, Classical Conversations believes that taking college-level courses that complement the classical seminars of Challenge III and IV is a worthwhile endeavor for families pursuing the college path.

How can I find additional information?

Click on the various links on this page to read about the CC+ program, current courses, and Southeastern University. Challenge III and IV families receive timely newsletters for the upcoming semester courses. In addition, informative live webinars about CC+ are held each semester to answer questions for parents, students, and directors by Homeschool Counselor. These webinars are also archived at CC Connected at the Challenge Classical Learning Center under the Homeschool Counselor banner by clicking on the CC+ title in the drop down menu. More information about Southeastern University can be answered by