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  • L@L: Wesley Callihan & Astronomy

    Join Leigh!@Lunch this week as Matt interviews Wesley J. Callihan about the Astronomy and the Quadrivium. Wesley J. Callihan is the Founder and Tutor of Schola Classical Tutorials. He grew up on a farm in Idaho and graduated in History from the University of Idaho in 1983. He has taught at Logos School, the University of Idaho, and New St. Andrews College in Moscow, Idaho, and at Veritas Academy in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He has written curriculum for several ACCS and other Christian schools, such as Great Books study guides, and speaks regularly at Classical Christian education conferences for home educators and private schools, and teaches summer intensive Latin courses. He has written columns and short fiction for Credenda/Agenda and Antithesis, and contributed to the book Classical Education and the Home School, (published by Canon Press). We are excited to have Wesley J. Callihan on this week's show and we hope you join the conversation to learn more about astronomy and its importance to classical education.

  • The Liberal Arts (2012)

    Join Leigh!@Lunch in this episode as Leigh interviews Andrew Kern on the Liberal Arts and how to be a better teacher. Andrew has been directly involved in the establishment of three classical Christian schools, has trained teachers in over 50 states since 1996, and has been directing the CiRCE Institute full time since the summer of 2000.

  • Nancy Pearcey (2011)

    Join Leigh!@Lunch in this episode as Matt Bianco interviews Nancy Pearcey on worldview and the Arts. Nancy R. Pearcey, editor-at- large of The Pearcey Report, is scholar in residence and professor at Houston Baptist University. She is also a fellow at the Discovery Institute.

  • Advent, Christmas, and the Saints with Steve Wilkins (2010)

    Join Leigh!@Lunch in this episode as Matt Bianco interviews Pastor Steve Wilkins about Advent, Christmas, and the Saints. Steve Wilkins has served as the pastor of Auburn Avenue Presbyterian Church of Monroe, Louisiana since 1989. Pastor Wilkins is the author of Face to FAce: Meditations on Friendship & Hospitality, Calll of Duty: The Sterling Nobility of Robert E. Lee, and All Things for Good: The Steadfast Fidelity of Stonewall Jackson. 

  • L@L: David Hicks

    Join Leigh!@Lunch! this week as Matt Bianco hosts this week's show to interview author David Hicks about his book, Norms & Nobility: A Treatise on Education. "First published in 1981 when it won the American Library Association's Outstanding Book Award, Norms & Nobility has become a classic text in the education reform movement. Beginning with the premise that any vital system of education must maintain the link between thought and action, knowing and doing, David Hicks offers a compelling argument on behalf of the classical tradition and its ongoing relevance to contemporary pedagogy. The large and loyal following that htis argument has attracted among administrators and teachers over the years bears witness to the practical wisdom of Hick'sideas." (back of Norms and Nobility)

  • L@L: Christopher Perrin (2012)

    Please join Leigh@Lunch today as Leigh interviews Christopher Perrin on Classical Education. Dr. Perrin is a wondrful influence on the revitalization of an educational tradition still in need of recovering. The conversations will include Dr. Perrin's work with Classical Academic Press, Alcuin Fellowship, and his work with the Society for Classical Learning. Dr. Perrin is the vice-chairman for the Society of Classical Learning.

  • James D. Nickel (2012)

    Join Leigh!@Lunch in this episode as Leigh Bortins interviews author James D. Nickel mathematics and the Quadrivium. James D. Nickel is the author of Mathematics: Is God Silent? and Lift Up Your Eyes on High: Understanding the Stars.

  • Dr. Gene Edward Veith (2010)

    Join Leigh!@Lunch in this episode as Leigh Bortins interviews Dr. Veith about the heritage of Christian education. We hope you enjoy this audio to be encouraged and equipped to pursue education with more integrity. Christians no longer can imitate the culture in the "Christian way", but must lead in being biblical Christians.

  • Mike Huckabee (2008)
  • Anthony Esolen (2013)
  • Stanely Fish (2011)
  • Andrew Pudewa (2011)
  • Andrew Kern (2010)
  • James B. Jordan (2011)