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National Memory Master 2017 Finalists

2017 Finalists

This year more than 66,000 Foundations students participated in memory work, and 8,028 achieved the Memory Master level. Quite an accomplishment in its own right.

We began the 2017 National Memory Master competition with more than 50 entries. All of the entries were wonderful, and we are so thankful for all of those students who created a video entry. The fans’ job in the judging was easy—vote for all of them! Not so for our judges who labored long and hard, watching the videos over and over, and by the gradual process of elimination reduced the number of entries to 16 finalists.

All the votes from fans and judges alike have been tallied, and we are left with 16 finalists. These talented young men and women will join us aboard the Carnival cruise ship Liberty to compete on May 1 for the 2017 National Memory Master title and the $10,000 grand prize.

In alphabetical order, the finalists are:

Ella Rose Becker, South Carolina

Caleb Boates, Texas

LillyAnn Bond, Mississippi

Roman Deiter, Washington

Taylor DeYoung, Illinois

Jackson Ford, California

Nathan Harry, Illinois

Law Hill, New Jersey

Brayden James, Connecticut

Jessica Jasko, West Virginia

Ivy Jirsa, Arizona

Aiden Lubanovic, North Carolina

Peyton McGuire, Mississippi

Ethan Morrow, Oklahoma

Elizabeth Przybyla, Ohio

Zoe Sullivan, Florida

Congratulations to these fortunate few! You will be contacted by Classical Conversations staff over the next few days with all the details for your next stage of this grand adventure!