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National Number Knockout

A Game on a Mission

Number Knockout is a fast paced, mental math game with a mission to “Knockout Innumeracy.” While many people are aware that illiteracy is detrimental to our society, few people contemplate the long term effects of innumeracy. According to the 2015 PISA findings, which measures math, science, and reading scores world-wide, the U.S. now ranks 31st among 35 industrialized countries in math proficiency (Barshay, The Hechinger Report). The continuing slide in numeracy skills is concerning for a country that prides itself on our ability to innovate and lead, but Number Knockout is seeking to improve math education in this country by teaching students how to play an easy to learn and highly addictive game.

In addition to knocking out innumeracy by improving students’ mental math abilities, students playing Number Knockout practice speaking and listening to equations. This teaches students innumerable skills beyond mathematics such as accurately speaking the truth, carefully listening for the truth, and graciously defending the truth.

How Is Number Knockout Played?

Number Knockout is played on a six by six grid of numbers. The classic Number Knockout board contains the numerals 1 to 36. However, the game can be played on a wide variety of boards, and players are encouraged to make their very own boards using a creative selection of numbers and patterns for practice. Number Knockout can be played with many different variations to make the game easier or harder. Because it is so easy to modify the game for a variety of players, it is perfect for students of all ages. For a short video tutorial on how to play, please visit our website here: 

How Does the Competition Work?

Students between the ages of 10 and 14 who excel at Number Knockout, have a chance to enter the National Number Knockout competition, which takes place each spring on a cruise ship. Students submit a scouting video. Winning students receive airfare and a cruise for themselves and one parent. In addition, the hard-working winner of the competition will also receive the grand prize, which is a $10,000 cash award. While Number Knockout is currently played by students enrolled in Classical Conversation’s Essentials program, the competition is open to any and all eligible students. For more information about the competition and eligibility, please visit our website:

Prime Advantage

This year’s completely updated Prime Advantage packet is now available in the Classical Conversations Bookstore. In addition to receiving access to the 2018 Scouting Board a week in advance, this packet contains our brand new “How to Practice and Prepare Guide.” Our new packet will give you tips from past competitors, examples of variations used in past competitions, new boards that were recently made available to participants in Classical Conversations’ Essential’s program, as well as lists of multiplication tables and powers for your student to memorize if they wish. We have also included a document called Equation Patterns that will show your student examples of patterns they can use to solve equations. Finally, the Solve ‘em Backwards document is designed to give students a chance to solve for the high numbers first, while giving them a space to write out their equations. To purchase the packet visit the bookstore here:

Prime Advantage Information Packet



Barshay, Jill. “U.S. Now Ranks Near the Bottom Among 35 Industrialized Nations in Math.” The Hechenger Report, Accessed October 5, 2017.