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How to Keep a 4-Year-Old Engaged in Memory Work

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How to Keep a 4-Year-Old Engaged in Memory Work

Hello!  I have have 4-year-old son and we are both new to CC.  I am hoping for advice about how you keep your abecedarians engaged in memory work.   

Any tips or strategies would be most appreciated!

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My son was 4 when we started as well. I found the best way to review with him was listening to the audio CD, usually in the car. Try to have fun with the review work and don't think of it as just drilling the information. Sometimes we would play Candyland with each color representing a different subject. When your son chooses a card, ask him to recite a memory fact from that subject, and then he can move his game piece. I also had success playing hopscotch with the skip counting numbers. Do you subscribe to CC Connected? The file sharing area usually has visual aids or puzzles for the younger kids you can print out. Also checking out age-appropriate picture books from the library that touch on the CC subject matter helps. 


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Love the Candyland idea! Thanks!


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We took lots of trips to the library and picked out books on the memory work.  We played lots of games (just for fun) in between reciting memory work.  We took our classroom outside often and had playdates with other CC friends.  

During community I would take notes on what activity my child liked to do with her tutor and replicated it at home.  

My best advice is to do LOTS of playing and reading with intervals of memory work.  You will see that it will integrate naturally.  

Blessings, Foundations Academic Advisor 

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I agree with the great thoughts that have been mentioned thus far and wanted to add our own experience even though it may sound a bit like an echo of what has already been mentioned. (We learn the grammar by repetition, right?)

Embracing the thought that our children would be through each cycle at least twice, we honestly didn't really focus much on drilling the memory work when they were young. We mostly listened to the songs in the car and then occasionally played a few games (like build-the-lego-man tower) or used the "sticker incentive." (In fact, in a classroom setting, every six weeks or so the tutor would set up "sticker stations" where the students went around to different parent-subject stations to recite the memory work for that subject. They really liked the stickers at this age.) 

As Erica previously mentioned, you can turn almost any game into a memory work review game by asking prompts before they take their turn. Depending on how motivated you are, you can even set up an obstacle course, circuit training course, or scavenger hunt or clue game to hunt for the next memory work fact to recite. (Have I done this? ummm... no. But I have seen others who have! :) ) Our children LOVE LOVE LOVE it when my husband or I do a silly-dance or have fun with the memory work in some way. I think the main motivator for our children has been when we model an enthusiasm for it ourselves. 

One of our favorite ways to review memory work as a family has been to read picture books (about animals, rocks, events, people, the sky, and so on) or a history narrative such as Story of the World. When we come across a familiar event, place, thing, etc., our children will often pause to recite the memory work. 

Although I've mentioned some things we've done, I want to emphasize that we really-honestly-very-casually enjoyed the memory work when they were in the 3-6 year old range. This year we have a 10yo and 7yo who are both truly wanting to become Memory Masters. I think a casual approach to enjoying the memory work has contributed to their continued enjoyment of the memory work years later as they have become older. 


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Review while you move! Jump on the trampoline with him and chant Latin. Throw beans bags while you sing History. Skip count climbing stairs or while doing jumping jacks. Recite a science fact amd then run around the couch. **Note: If MOM joins the activity, you 1) get exercise and 2) make review WAAAYYY more fun.


Happy moving and grooving time!

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I too am new to CC. Thank you all for sharing your experiences. These ideas are very helpful. Thank you all.

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Try doing this for a change.Throw beans bags while you sing History. Skip count climbing stairs or while doing jumping jacks. Recite a science fact and then run around the couch.