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Parent Conferences

A primary goal for Classical Conversations is supporting parents by equipping them to become great educators at home.To that end, we offer free 3-Day conferences for parents called Parent Practicums. These conferences are held each summer across the United States and in other countries where Classical Conversations communities meet.

2017 The Art of Relationships

Our 3-Day Practicums offer fellowship for parents as we pursue deeper understanding of how to homeschool our students in the classical Christian tradition. Each morning we spend time thinking about the characteristics of learners at every age, and we ponder ways to give our students the foundation they need to become life-long learners and deep thinkers.

This summer, we invite you to “reason together” with local homeschooling families as we examine the art of relationships. Few things in life are more foundational than RELATIONSHIPS. They govern our homes, our churches, our neighborhoods, our studies, our conversations, even our thinking! Join us as we spend 3 days exploring the principles of clear thinking and learning how rightly relating our thoughts and ideas can bring glory to God, peace to our homes, grace to our conversations, and wisdom to our thoughts.

During part of each morning session, speakers will help us identify opportunities for using logic in our everyday lives, and help us map out the baby steps we can take with our students to lead them toward the practice of clear thinking.

We’ll even practice being students ourselves each afternoon as we learn the basics of logic and discover how to make thinking logically a natural part of our everyday lives.

While you learn, your children learn, too!
Economically-priced day camps are available for students of all ages. Your students are sure to enjoy the group learning environment, whether they are being cared for in our nursery; playing and singing in our play camps; memorizing and drawing God’s world in our geo-drawing camps; or learning about language, writing, science, logic, debate, or public speaking in our academic camps for older students. Advance registration for student camps is required, so don’t delay!


For more information, visit our Parent Practicum website.