Coronavirus and Moving Forward this Fall

In roughly two-months’ time, schools will reopen. The big questions on every parents’ mind are, “What in the world will that look like?” Will it be safe with the coronavirus?”

Depending on your state or city or school, there will be various regulations regarding the enforcement of sanitation, masks, temperature checks, hand-washing, and social distancing. Some schools are implementing rotating schedules, in which, on a single day, half of students come into the classroom while the other half participates online from home, switching roles the following day. Indeed, some schools will remain online entirely. With all these local regulations differing from one another, there is a good deal of confusion and uncertainty floating around.

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What will Classical Conversations Look Like this Fall?

Understandably, this uncertainty regarding public and private school regulations has also affected our Classical Conversations communities, families and potential families. It is very important to us that our licensed Directors and families know that we are here to support and help you find a suitable learning option going into this fall semester, regardless of what your local regulations may be concerning coronavirus precautions.

We know homeschooling is tough enough as it is, let alone in a global crisis. But we want to encourage you to stick it through, for the rewards of homeschooling with a classical, Christian education, of seeing students grow into exceptional critical thinkers and followers of Christ, are far worth it. As our CEO Robert Bortins reminded us,

“[School] is a twelve-year journey. Even if this year’s path starts differently than you expected, don’t let that throw off the roadmap you set for your family just because it’s not normal.”

Answering your Questions about Coronavirus

To help you figure out how to approach learning come fall, we’ve created a list of frequently asked questions involving different educational options for our communities and families, such as possibilities for integrating the online and physical environments. We hope you find these questions and answers valuable.

To view or download the FAQs, CLICK HERE.

To visit our Info Page regarding Fall 2020, CLICK HERE.



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