Essentials 5th Edition—Coming Soon!

Essentials just keeps getting better! In Spring 2021, we'll release our first update to the Essentials Guide in over a decade—the Essentials of the English Language Curriculum, Fifth Edition.

We've listened and applied extensive feedback from our tutors and parents to create this new edition, which preserves the familiar structure of Essentials with a more approachable design.

Watch this video to learn all about the updated features and to find answers to your top questions about the Fifth Edition:

Based on thorough input and requests from Classical Conversations communities nationwide, we’ve divided Essentials of the English Language Curriculum, Fifth Edition, into three parts: the Essentials curriculum, the solutions manual, and the student packet.

We’re thrilled about this change, which will make it easier for families to take their curriculum to community and work with their own children at home.


The Essentials Curriculum

The bridge between the Foundations and Challenge curriculums has been strengthened!

The Fifth Edition provides our most robust support yet to Essentials families and communities. We’ve included features such as three-hole punched pages for easy binding, as well as connections to Foundations Memory Work and to Challenge Latin. Not enough? Here’s a few other additions we’re excited about:

  • Tabbed sections for each lesson, along with tabs to easily identify other key sections
  • New layouts that assist parents and tutors in the logical flow of information
  • Short notes of guidance and encouragement
  • Helpful weekly lesson summaries
  • Charts and guides added and clearly placed throughout
  • Updated model sentences
  • All work clearly designated as “At Home” or “In Community”
  • Glossary of all terms


The Solutions Manual

A brand new addition to Essentials! 

Conveniently printed as a separate piece, the solutions manual contains the same question-confirmation model script for each sentence. This enables you to lead each lesson with confidence.


The Student Packet

Separated for the Fifth Edition!

Printed separately for easy transport to and from community, the Essentials student packet contains reproducible charts, editing lessons, and spelling lists for convenient work-at-home or on-the-go.


Stay up to date on updates

We're incredibly excited about these new improvements to the Essentials program. The Fifth Edition is meant to be a more convenient, more approachable, and more helpful replacement. We can't wait for you to use it to successfully prepare your students for their Challenge years!

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