Explorers Digital Camp 2021: Save 10%!

Last year, we released our first Explorers Digital Camp, a series of engaging online videos and fun activities families could enjoy together while sheltering in place from the pandemic. This year, thanks to more time available for planning, we produced a brand-new series of Explorers Digital Camp videos and resource packets to release beginning June 2.

In a recent episode of our Everyday Educator Podcast, Lisa Bailey was joined by Jeremiah Wentz, CC’s Director of Digital Marketing and Promotions, and Delise Germond, host of the Explorers Digital Camp’s video sessions. The three chatted about what it means to explore and what parents can expect from this year's camp.

You can listen to the full episode below or by visiting the Everyday Educator Podcast's webpage.

What Does It Mean to ‘Explore’?

When we think of the word 'explorer', what often comes to mind are great names from the past like Ferdinand Magellan, James Cook, and Christopher Columbus. We can assume that everything has already been discovered, so there is no need for exploring these days.

But this is just not true. The world is full of unexplored geographical, scientific, and historical territory. We just have to stay curious and open-minded, to develop a love of learning, and to strive to explore that which has yet to be found.

Even so, exploring is so much more than discovering things no one else has. Exploring is often just seeing familiar things from a new perspective or with a new appreciation. And for us as Christians, exploring is about falling in love with God's creation and, above all, about discovering our place in it.

What Is Explorers Digital Camp?

This is exactly what our Explorers Digital Camp is all about. Our goal with this program is to give families a way to continue learning about and exploring the world around them not just individually, but together.

So, we are deeply excited about this summer’s six-part series of online videos and resource packets. Jam-packed with over 30 hours of fun activities, the camp will encourage your family to explore the wonders of God’s creation and to stay curious even through the summer!

Although the release date is June 2, Explorers Digital Camp is designed so that it is fully streamable and you can go at your own pace. This makes it easy to work around vacations and other summer activities you have planned with your family.

Promo Code for Explorers Digital Camp

To learn more about Explorers Digital Camp and to register today, visit classicalconversations.com/explorers. If you decide to join us in this summer's exploration, use the promo code EE10 during checkout for 10% off the full price!



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