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Free Learning Center

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2017 Practicum Preview
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What is Scribblers?
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Playing with Math Manipulatives Part 1
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Using Scribblers Products at Home
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Scribblers Trivium Tables Whiteboard
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Scribblers Quick Flip Arithmetic
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Scribblers Trivium at the Table
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SWR - Introduction to Phonograms
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Presidents (Updated 2017)
Presidents Song with Guitar (Updated 2017)
The Orchestra Song
OT Books of the Bible
NT Books of the Bible
CC Vision and Credits
Foundations Flier
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IEW Cycle 3 Resources Announcement
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Understanding your EEL Guide
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Seven Sentence Patterns
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Multiplication Drill Sheets
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Essentials Flier
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Challenge Flier
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Clips from Parent Practicum, 2016

Day 1 Clip: Grammar Stories
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Day 2 Clip: Dialectic Stories
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Day 3 Clip: Rhetoric Stories
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NEW THIS MONTH! Challenge Tier Preview!

The Five Common Topics
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Book Chat: Echo in Celebration by L. Bortins

Considering Home-Centered Education
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Pondering Education & the Value of Copywork
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The Tools of Learning
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Students and Parents as Lifelong Learners
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Purpose, Priority and Preservation
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Classical Conversations
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