Homeschool Christmas Wish List

Homeschoolers are a unique breed, there’s no doubt. We look like everyone else, and we look like no one else. In many ways, the homeschool family already has it all… we have each other. Nevertheless, we still enjoy Christmas and gift-giving as much as or more than everyone else. Particularly when we know the reason for the season.

For all the homeschoolers out there, here is a suggested Christmas Wish List with retail prices and outlets. Most of these are intended to be humorous, so don’t take them too seriously.

Homeschool Christmas Wish List

  1. Webster’s 1828 Dictionary ($44.95, Amazon)
  2. Antique oak folding school desk with inkwell ($115, eBay)
  3. Teaching your daughter to sew a Christmas tie for Dad ($2 for fabric and the patience of Job)
  4. Annual memberships to the zoo, aquarium and history museum ($15-$500)
  5. Denim jumper for mom ($38.12, Jessica London)
  6. Friends for my unsocialized children ($14.46, ice cream bars and kickball from Target)
  7. 12-passenger van ($19,800, Enterprise)
  8. Annual membership to the local public library (free)
  9. George Washington costume (trip to the thrift store and $5)
  10. Homemade white school paste (12 cents and 12 minutes to make)
  11. Creation Museum and Ark Encounter ($499.95, Family Annual Pass)
  12. Case of construction paper ($77.82, 3,000 sheets,
  13. Case of 1” economy binders ($36.49, Staples)
  14. Tin whistle ($11, CC Bookstore)
  15. Ear plugs for mom and dad ($2.98, Walmart)
  16. A stick (free)
  17. Some sand (free)
  18. Getaway for Mom and Dad (Priceless!)

We hope you enjoyed our fun Homeschool Wish List for this Christmas! May the reason for the season, the Christ of Bethlehem and Calvary, bless you richly this holiday season.

Merry Christmas!



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