How can I homeschool my child with special needs?

One of the greatest parts about homeschooling is that parents, who know their children better than schoolteachers, are able to create a customized educational experience that best suits their child. In particular, for children with special needs, Classical Conversations offers parents the rare opportunity to be incredibly flexible with their children’s education. Hear what advice this experienced homeschool mom offers for parents who are considering homeschooling as an option for their special needs child.


  • Find what works for your child and family.
  • The Challenge program is as challenging as you make it.

Find what works for your child and family

To ensure that her son, who has Down syndrome, was given the needed repetition in his education, this homeschool mom was able to keep him at the same level for several years in a community that welcomed and loved him. At the same time, he was still able to participate in some of the upper-level coursework that his brothers were working through, which allowed the boys to learn together.

Of course, this mother and her son’s situation might be quite different from your own. Whether your child needs to stay at a level for another year or to complete two levels in one, Classical Conversations curriculum is easily adaptable to suit your particular circumstance. Rigid enough to provide structure and accountability, yet flexible enough to adapt to the varied needs of individual families.

The Challenge program is as challenging as you make it

In this video, this mom says she often hears other parents complain that the Challenge program (designed for high school aged children) is too difficult and too “academic.” However, it isn’t necessary that your child complete every aspect of the Challenge years. Adding or subtracting from subjects or coursework is no problem, so don’t be afraid to toss the Latin books if they are not working for your child and instead focus your efforts on the subjects you deem most important.

How do you homeschool a child with special needs?

Parents of a child with special needs often struggle to find just the right education for their son or daughter. Thankfully, Classical Conversations offers adaptable programs to be taken from or molded into the ideal education for your child. Structure and accountability, with lots of flexibility.

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