How do I know if my kids are on grade level?

What homeschooling parent hasn’t second-guessed their child’s academic placement? Without a standardized system, it can be overwhelming to decide whether to hold your child back a year or promote him or her to the next grade level. This homeschooling mom provides some encouragement for parents who find themselves in this situation.


  • Don’t compare your child to other students!
  • Set goals for you and your child.

Don’t compare your child to other students!

When comparing your child’s educational level to his or her peers, it might seem like they are falling behind. Forget about this! It doesn’t matter where your child’s academic ability lies amidst those of his or her peers. What matters is that he or she is living up to the goals that you and your family have set.

Set goals for you and your child.

This mom encourages other homeschooling parents to talk together as a family and set goals for where they want their child to be in, say, six months or a year. Having these goals in mind will not only be helpful in giving you direction as you teach your child, but it will also give you a much healthier standard to live up to rather than comparing your child to his or her peers.

And remember, academic goals are just one area of learning. Make sure you are also encouraging your child’s character development and relationship with the Lord!

How can I apply this to my life?

Although it is difficult, your worries about whether or not your child is in the right grade level subside when you cease comparing your child to other students. The next step is to set realistic academic goals for your child for a given period of time. Finally, make sure to also encourage his or her character and spiritual development!

If you’re interested in Homeschool Testing Solutions to get a better idea of your child’s academic placement (or if you live in a state that requires reported test scores), visit our friends at Homeschool Testing Services.

Also, we’ve got a few more answers to your questions! Just visit our blog or check out our video series Ask a Homeschool Parent.



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