How do you get it all done in a day? (Part 2)

One of the top questions homeschooling parents have is, “How many hours each day should I homeschool my child?” In this post, we want to encourage you that regardless of how many hours you plan to homeschool, failing to actively meet that goal doesn’t mean you’ve failed to educate your child properly.

We recently released a blog with a response to the question, “How do you get it all done in a day?” This is a companion to that post, offering another homeschooling parent’s response to the question. Unsurprisingly, her answer is not much different—that is, you can’t get it all done in a day!

In this quick video, Denise, a homeschool mom in Tennessee, highlights two takeaways for those trying to get it all done in a day, or those who are struggling with the question, “How many hours should I homeschool each day?”

  1. What is the purpose of a to-do list?
  2. Pay attention to what matters

What’s the purpose of a to-do list?

If tasks on your to-do list keep rolling over to tomorrow and the day after that (and, all too often, the day after that), then what is the point of a to-do list anyway? Denise says that if she’s honest, she’ll never finish her list. However, it still helps guide her through the academic aspect of her day, even if checking off every task is unrealistic. While a to-do list is certainly helpful, adhering strictly to it is not the most important thing in the world.

Pay attention to what matters.

Denise says she has to pay attention to what God brings across her path for that day, rather than just to her to-do list. She reminds herself to be attentive to any distractions she encounters, from those her children create to those she admittedly creates herself. It is often through attending to these distractions that helps her to accomplish what really matters at the end of the day—to know God and train her children to follow Him.

How can I apply this to my life?

So, how is it possible to get it all done in a day? It isn’t, or at least very rarely. This, quite naturally, causes many homeschooling parents to worry that they are not doing enough. If this is you, try to relax. Your to-do list is not the Ten Commandments—it’s not necessary for you to follow it to a T. Instead, be attentive to what God has planned for you that day, teaching your children about Him and seeking to know Him better.

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