How do you get it all done in a day?

See if this sounds familiar: You create extensive to-do lists for yourself and your children of what needs to get done in the day, ensuring sufficient doses of Henle Latin and The Story of the World, only to discover that somehow you miscalculated the inevitable daily distractions. Now, it’s somehow mid-afternoon and your children haven’t done any science or math yet.

If you’re like any other homeschool parent out there, you have likely found yourself in a similar situation. Or, maybe you consistently find yourself in this situation. Don’t worry! You’re not at all alone. In this video, hear a homeschool mom in Tennessee, who is one of many who repeatedly falls short of what she thinks needs to get done in a day, recount her experience.

Hear this mom offer two key pieces of advice for anyone struggling to live up to their schedules and to-do lists:

  1. Forget about the “good homeschool mom.”
  2. Rely on God to lead you through what really matters.

Forget about the “good homeschool mom”

Frankly, the perfect homeschool mom doesn’t exist. Efforts to maintain maximum productivity every single day are futile. Remember that there’s always tomorrow to make up any missed work. And don’t worry if you told yourself that yesterday.

There are far more important things than packing the day with history, math, science, literature, grammar, and a foreign language. This leads us into the next key piece of advice.

Rely on God to lead you through what really matters

As long as you are loving God and teaching your children about Him throughout the day, you have done enough. This mom actually says she is glad that she never accomplishes the day’s tasks, because then she is more reliant on God to guide her through what really matters. Loving and teaching your children about God should be a daily practice, even if it means putting off that science and math until tomorrow.

How can I apply this to my life?

Having the children home 24/7 means homeschooling parents have to balance the responsibilities of attending to their children's needs while educating them with minimal distractions so that the day is productive. Even if you consistently fail to meet your standards, take a deep breath, forget about the “good homeschool parent,” remember what really matters, and carry on.

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