How do you know you're doing enough in homeschooling?

"Am I'm doing enough to homeschool my children?" This is a common question, no doubt. Despite the effort invested in their child’s home education, parents often still feel anxious and inadequate. To alleviate the anxiety, this homeschooling mom recommends asking yourself a simple question: does my child love learning for the sake of learning?


  • Your child’s love of learning is proof that you are doing enough.

Your child’s love of learning is proof that you are doing enough.

This mom has observed the success of homeschooling by noting the diligence and intellect of one of her Challenge students. This student takes the tools the classical model has given her—tools that teach how to learn and to enjoy doing so—and applies them to all subject matter, including that which particularly interests her. In short, she has the ability to learn for the sake of learning. Thus, this student confirms this mom's efforts are more than enough.

How can I apply this to my life?

This story illustrates what many homeschooling parents have discovered about their children. Since a homeschool education can be tailored to a child’s interests and learning style, homeschool students usually become lifelong lovers of learning. They take the tools of learning how to learn that they have acquired from their education and apply them to their various passions and interests. If you’re wondering whether you are doing enough to homeschool your child, ask yourself, “Does my child love learning? Does he or she pursue their interests?” If you answered yes, then you know you are doing enough to homeschool.

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