How does Classical Conversations prepare students for bigger challenges?

If you have been familiar with Classical Conversations for even a short while, you’ve likely heard a phrase something along the lines of “equipping students with the tools to learn.” Throughout their education, CC students develop perhaps the most valuable skill anyone can learn—that of learning how to learn. Hear this homeschool dad describe CC preparing his children to undertake seemingly impossible challenges with this acquired skill.


  • CC will prepare students with tools to tackle any challenge, small or big.

CC will prepare students with tools to tackle any challenge, small or big. 

Seems straightforward enough, but let’s walk through an example. In Foundations, CC students learn memorization skills through repetition of historical, geographical, mathematical, scientific, and linguistic knowledge, often receiving the honorary Memory Master award for their achievements. Later in their academic venture, students may compete in a spelling bee, learning to spell thousands of words.

While this might seem impossible, CC students understand the subtle clues that indicate how a word is spelled—clues like common suffixes and prefixes, Latin etymologies, and the typical differences in how adjectives vary from nouns—that help them succeed in such a daunting memorization challenge.

How can I apply this to my own life?

As you teach your own children, remember that you are providing them with the tools of learning how to learn. Memorization tools are just one example. Another example is formulating an argument and communicating it—tools fostered in class discussions—are necessary in higher education, various careers, and just in everyday life.

Furthermore, research skills acquired from writing papers and debate are likewise essential. With these tools of learning that they’ve developed, students realize that they can succeed in seemingly impossible challenges.

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