Marvelous Memory Work Games

Looking for ways to make memory work a more exciting part of the day for your students? It just takes a little creativity to turn seemingly mundane memorization into a marvelous time! Below are a few of our favorite ideas.

Memory work fun for any subject

  1. Get active

    Invite your students to recite memory work while jumping up and down, performing toe touches, spinning in a circle, doing a bridge, balancing on one foot, or whatever else you can come up with.

  2. Recite it voice-actor style

    Have students recite memory work using funny voices, accents, or while making faces.

  3. Game-show style

    Allow students to “win” memorization cards from you by correctly reciting the information on each card. Offer a simple prize if they win a certain number of cards—a story of their choice snuggled up with mom or dad, a cookie after lunch, or an extra five minutes of tickling at bedtime.

  4. Memory work art

    Let students write their memorization terms on windows and doors with window markers/crayons. Or pull out the sidewalk chalk on warmer days.

  5. Randomized

    Change it up! If you usually review the questions for a subject in order by week, shuffle the deck and ask them in a random order.

  6. The student-teacher

    Let students test mom or dad on their memorization terms. It’s amazing how attentive they can be when they are watching for errors from mom and dad! It also helps them retain the memory work and review effective memory techniques if you ask them to coach you on how to remember pieces of the memory work.

  7. Tic-tac-toe

    Play tic tac toe as you ask questions. If students can state the complete fact, they get to draw an “X” or “O.”

  8. Treasure hunt

    Play treasure hunt and have students recite a piece of memory work to get clues about whether they are getting closer or farther from the treasure.

  9. Review with friends

    Host a review party for your child’s Foundations class and invite your children to invent their own review games and activities.

What are your favorite memory games?

Are there any memory games that your family loves that aren’t on this list? Share a link to this post on social media and list what you would add! You never know how you could inspire your fellow homeschooling families.

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