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Kelly Fadeley Contact Kelly Fadeley

Kelly and her husband, Randy, embarked on their homeschooling journey eight years ago in Georgia.  Kelly left public education where she had taught for 16+ years to home school their son, Joshua(17) and their daughter, Rebekah(15) believing that she would simply “do school” at home, not seeing the greater purpose that God was going to reveal.  Within a few months of being at home, some friends shared the CC opportunity, and the Fadeley Homeschool Academy was changed forever.  Kelly joined the first CC program in Georgia tutoring the Masters class.  Having a Masters degree in Curriculum and Instructional Methodology, the classical model was a paradigm shift from the many models of instruction Kelly employed in other venues. Kelly gave it her all while relearning the grammar of instruction and loved the positive impact of classical instruction in her home.  During that first year, Leigh Bortins held a one day practicum in Augusta where she shared the parallel of classical instruction to the scripture.  At that moment, there was no other better way to teach in Kelly’s mind since it mirrored God’s order and design for learning. The years following as the Challenge A Director allowed Kelly to truly make the change for her own children while telling everyone about the opportunity that CC offered homeschooling families.  When Josh was just about to join her in Challenge A, Randy took a job in Idaho where the family relocated.  Devastated that the dream of seeing her children go all the way to graduation in CC seemed to be lost.  Though she followed the curriculum in a rudimentary fashion, the Dialectic opportunities were missing for Josh.  God opened the door to CC to move into Eastern Idaho.  Not knowing what that would look like for her family, she and Randy believed that the ministry opportunities and discipleship that would occur were paramount. Believing that CC communities connect intentional parents together to build one another up on the foundation of God’s Holy Word, God’s direction for this next season was clear. “And though a man might prevail against one who is alone, two will withstand him—a threefold cord is not quickly broken.” Ecclesiastes 4:12  Having a passion for children with special needs, Kelly desires to reach out to the entire home school community to build cords of strength as a fortress of love, direction, and support for families who are challenged with special needs children.  Kelly is honored to partner with CC as an Area Manager and Support Manager believing that a home school community should be nurturing, encouraging and yet an ‘iron sharpening iron’ environment. Classical Conversations communities should not only be different because they strive for excellence in education, but they should also stand out in how they encourage and treat each other in a Christ like manner, building authentic fellowship. There is no doubt that God is at work even now in Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and Utah preparing hearts for change in this authentic fellowship called Classical Conversations.

Tracie VanOmmen Contact Tracie VanOmmen

In a world of Chaos and unknowns, Classical Conversations has brought peace and order to Tracie's home. She enjoys teaching her children as they receive a private school education at the kitchen table.  Having a Christ Centered home education that is attainable through highschool has become a reality for her family and she looks forward to coming along side other homeschooling families to help them find the same peace.
 Tracie is committed to homeschooling through highschool in a Christ centered setting.  She desiresto help parents finish the race they've begun by making Classical Conversations available to everyone who wants it.  through information meetings, open houses and training, she hopes to give parents the confidence to continue and redeem their own educations.  

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Information Meetings
Designed to share more about our programs and communities, these two hour, year-round events are hosted by a licensed Classical Conversations director.

Open Houses
Between the months of October and April, visit one of our communities and see our programs and communities in action!

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David Bailey meets weekly with a group of students to discuss, analyze, learn and write about: literature, science, algebra, policy debate, history of American government, economics, Latin, philosophy, and more...
Students enjoy the community dynamic, and parents enjoy the support!

Equipping Events

3-Day and 1-day Parent Practicums are designed to equip parents for educational excellence
by using the
model within
a biblical

Student Practicums
One or two-day events held through the year, covering topics like language, SAT prep, writing, and more.

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