National Commencement: Celebrate Your Grad!

Is your student graduating next spring? Then mark your calendar for the Classical Conversations® National Commencement on April 29, 2022!

Located at Grace Church, near our home office in Southern Pines, North Carolina, National Commencement is held in conjunction with our annual National Conference, which takes place April 28–30. The 2022 National Commencement and National Conference are sure to be exceptional next year, as both events coincide with the celebration of Classical Conversations 25th anniversary!

What is National Commencement?

A Classical Conversations' graduate poses for a photo at the 2021 National Commencement.

Formerly known as Graduation Celebration, National Commencement provides an opportunity few homeschoolers get—a chance to celebrate the completion of their homeschool journey together with fellow students and families from around the United States.

Sponsored by the nonprofit Classical Conversations Foundation, this joyous occasion includes a formal graduation ceremony (with graduates donned in regalia!) where CC families from around the nation recognize their students.

But this isn’t just a time to honor your student. It’s also a time to celebrate you for your hard work in homeschooling. Parents and students alike will leave the event not just proud of their achievements but also inspired to pursue whatever God calls them to next.

Celebrate Your Preparation for the Future

At the 2021 National Commencement, several graduates delivered amazing speeches about their experiences in Classical Conversations. It was truly a beautiful time, hearing the stories and lessons they learned from parents, Tutors, Directors, and fellow students.

One graduate speaker, Elijah, likened graduation to a passage into adulthood. In other words, graduation does not only celebrate students overcoming the challenges that are now behind them; it also commemorates preparation for the challenges ahead of them in college, careers, and other areas of life.

As Elijah put it in his address, “Life will always provide hardships. So, the question isn’t what hardships will we encounter but instead how will we overcome those hardships?”

Check out the full speech below:

To learn more about the upcoming 2022 National Commencement, visit the Classical Conversations Foundation’s website. We hope to see you and your family there!



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