Scribblers learn by playing.


Ages 3 through 8

Am I already homeschooling?

Whether you realize it or not, you have been homeschooling your children since birth. You are educating them when you teach them the parts of their body, how to feed and dress themselves, as well as the numerous other opportunities for learning that you encounter with them every day. Homeschooling is nothing new!
The Scribblers program simply continues what you have already started through hands on practical tools that help you foster a love of learning in your children. It is not a community or tuition-based program, but instead a collection of at home resources for children ages three to eight.

The Scribblers program helps you to hone your child’s fine motor skills while developing basic literacy. It is the precursor to our Foundations program.


Giving parents tools and support for fostering a love of learning.

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The Partnership

Classical Conversations provides resources to parents of young children through tutorials, printables, and activities available within the Scribblers tier of CC Connected.

Parents may direct questions about homeschooling their young children classically to Scribblers@ClassicalConversations.com.

Spark your child's curiosity and love of learning with resources offered through the Scribblers program.

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The Resources

The Scribblers program consists of products and resources that provide at-home teaching ideas for engaging little ones in learning through play.

The resources offered through the Scribblers program are intended to spark curiosity and a sense of wonder in young children while instilling in them a love for the good, true, and beautiful.