What did you learn from homeschooling?

Homeschooling is rewarding, but the ups and downs of the homeschool journey can provide many hard-earned lessons along the way for both children and parents. The learning is constant. We learn when we ask questions and seek out the answers: from “how do I begin homeschooling?” to “how do I find a support community?” to “how do I gather P.E. credits?” Though the journey offers many valuable lessons along the way, one of the most difficult comes at its end.

In this video, Michele, an experienced homeschool mom from Illinois, shares the experience of her son going off to college, leaving the rest of the family in “almost a period of mourning.”


  • The separation will not be easy
  • Treasure the time you have with your kids

The separation will not be easy

You might think you are prepared for your children to leave home, but the emotions you will feel will still surprise you. When her son graduated from the Challenge program and went off to college, Michele says her entire family felt a sense of loss. She added that it was much more difficult than when she left home to go to college, because then both she and her parents were ready for her to leave. But, because her son’s life was so integrated into the lives of everyone else in the family through homeschooling, it took some time for everyone to recover when he finally left.

Treasure the time you have with your children

We give this advice plenty of lip service, but every parent later wishes he had spent more time  with his child. There will come a day when your child is no longer present at the dinner table nor working through homework in his or her bedroom. So, treasure every single moment you have with them. Even though at times it might seem like they can’t get out of the house soon enough, they will before you know it, and you’ll wonder where the time went. You have a rare opportunity to be able to homeschool your children; don’t take it for granted. The days may be long, but the years are short. Cherish every moment with them, from helping them with math homework, to struggling through science together, to having family dinners.

What have you learned from homeschooling?

Many homeschooling parents are surprised by grief when their child, someone who they have shared everyday life with for the past 12 years, graduates and heads to college. While this may be inevitable, you can still remind yourself along the journey to treasure every moment you have with them. What lessons have surprised you along the way? Leave a note in the comments!

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