Why did you choose to homeschool in a group?

Despite the stereotype of the socially awkward homeschooler, homeschooling does not have to take place just at home, with family and pets providing the only opportunities for socialization. Homeschooling in a group not only provides social opportunities, it also provides a structure for accountability, assistance, and encouragement. Hear why this homeschool mom decided to join Classical Conversations and homeschool in a community.


  • Homeschooling in a group enables parents to learn from other parents.

Homeschooling in a group enables parents to learn from other parents.

While opportunities for accountability and socialization are major reasons why many decide to homeschool in a group, there are other reasons as well. For example, observing tutors and other parents interact with students in Classical Conversations gave this mom a repertoire of ideas of how to best homeschool her children.

How can I apply this to my life?

Homeschool in a group! The benefits are many—from battling the stereotype that homeschoolers are socially isolated and awkward to learning and gaining support from other parents.

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